GEOMARKETING represents one of the latest trends in the Business Intelligence. Geomarketing is based on the analytical features of GIS (Geographic Information System) that consist of digital maps and statistic data with location tags.

Comparing this data with its spatial dimension it is possible to develop sophisticated analysis based on:

  • Localization (with scalable symbols and qualitative/quantitative info)
  • Categorization (with backgrounds consistent with KPI values, heat maps, density maps, radius visualization, spider visualization, etc.)
  • Flows / Relationships

Visually consulting data in maps involves a more efficient way to read and compare information and thus Geomarketing represents an essential tool for supporting the planning and optimization of businesses’ logistics and distribution.

For years iBIC has had experience with different Geomarketing products. For the Qlik platform we started in 2011 using GlobeQlik  a solution made in Austria, acquired and enhanced by the US product named QlikMaps.  Since Qlik bought the Swedish company Idevio in 2017 and integrated its product calling it Qlik Geo Analytics this solution has become the preferred solution because it is perfectly integrated with both QlikView and Qlik Sense.

See an actual sample of these solutions at the following link