• Map detail per region
    Map detail per region

    You can easily read the geographical values and trends assumed of your KPIs thanks to the graphical representation by colors.

  • Geographic drill into provinces
    Geographic drill into provinces

    You can drill-down into more specific areas in order to get a more detailed representation of your KPIs values and trends.

  • Dynamic KPI switch
    Dynamic KPI switch

    You can change the visual representation of the map in real time, by selecting a different KPI.

  • Map available layers
    Map available layers

    You can change the map layer at any time, choosing from different backgrounds.

  • Specific area selection
    Specific area selection

    You can select at any time a specific area with your mouse, directly on the map, in order to get into details.

  • Drill-down on a specific area and activate pins
    Drill-down on a specific area and activate pins

    For the selected area you can activate or deactivate pins visualization; pins colour and size depend on different customizable criteria.

  • Radius visualization and pins selection
    Radius visualization and pins selection

    You can automatically select everything inside the radius from a choosen position.

  • Spider visualization
    Spider visualization

    You can represent the relationships and directionalities between pins.

  • Customizable popups on geographic items
    Customizable popups on geographic items

    You can define different popups in order to represent information about specific pins or specific areas.

  • Google direct search
    Google direct search

    You can start several searches and find the results localized on the map.

  • Streetview

    You can see the street-level view and virtually visit a location.

Qlik GeoAnalytics and QlikMaps offer several features such as:

  • geo-localization : you can view your critical information as points that take position on the map according to the geographical coordinates of the entity under analysis. Any point can be enhanced with qualitative or quantitative information or even charts;

  • classification:territories are plotted with different backgrounds colours, depending on the value assumed by the KPI in the area;

  • drill down : the transition from a wide geographical vision (eg. region) to a more specific one (eg. province or locality);

  • the use of different layers and backgrounds, based on different geographical may types: road, political or physical, also derived from specific WMS on-line services;

  • the use of new representation models showing the relationships and directionalities between geographic entities (radius & spider features).