Among the many Reporting and Business Analysis products we have a long experience with all the main market leaders (Qlikview, SAP-Business Objects, Microsoft, Oracle). The key objective of these tools is to answer management needs that could vary depending on the firm’s culture or the decision makers’ mindset.

Our reporting projects are concerned with:

  • Enterprise Reporting: institutional Reporting, mainly printed and periodically published.
  • Query & Analysis: tools that allow users to autonomously extract the info they need at any given time.
  • Dash-boarding: Business Analysis tools and EPM systems that show the most important info on dashboards – also available on the web and mobile – and allow decision makers to quickly and efficiently examine synthetic indicators and analyze the data with selections and drill-down operations. 

We have since dealt with industrial, commercial and transport firms, analyzing data and performance indicators of their commercial, administrative, financial, manufacturing, logistics areas. We have also developed projects based on Balanced-Scorecards.